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Same Joy Technology


Cartoon Photo Editor for Profile Pic, Anime Wallpaper & Comic Maker

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We want to create something wonderful by combining Human's creativity and Artificial Intelligence's capabilities, You will love the neat interface and how easily effects are created. We made AYAYA really simple and easy for everyone.

More stunning features on the way!

We offers incredible movie-grade AI technology which can automatically enhance photo quality into high-definitionin for you even when zoomed in, with editing features including photo enhancer, magic eraser, color correction, cartoon selfie, portrait animer, black and white photo colorizer, background blur, etc. 

About Us


We provide original, self-assembling aesthetic solutions to realize a "programmable all-true universe" with the characteristics of the artificial intelligence era.


Technology creates art. It is our mission to empower everyone with the ease and creativity that technology can bring. 


In the age of digital and artificial intelligence, using the wisdom of humans and machines to create wonders and change the world makes our greatest achievement and pride.


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Peter Wang

CEO of Same Joy

"I believe: an old grandfather can also create value through artificial intelligence. I also believe that we can promote social progress with our business ideals."

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